Our Mission

Use music and storytelling to inspire individuals to actively build relationships with people of different backgrounds.

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Guitarist: singer-songwriter

The idea of building bridges that connects people from all walks of life is truly special, and to have music as our foundation makes our bridges that much stronger. The more we share our story and experience, the closer we become with one another. iBuildBridges will bring us together and allow us to understand each other in ways we’ve always dreamed of… through music and stories – now that’s something we can all celebrate.


Based in Olympia, Washington, singer-songwriter Micaiah Sawyer hummed her first notes to the melody of Ode To Joy at sixteen months old, and hasn’t stopped making music since.

In 2009, Micaiah won the opportunity to record with drummer and producer Ken Mary, formerly of Alice Cooper. This was her first endeavor in a recording studio, and it empowered her to take more initiative with her music. She started by assembling a group of friends under the moniker Bedlam, and for over two years they performed regularly at school and community events in the Phoenix area. She went on to form another group — facetiously named Micaiah & The Other Guys — and continued to perform throughout high school.


Electric Violinist

iBuildBridges to me is a great way to bring together different musicians together and form a community or a special bond to understand each of our values to help us relate to one another. With this, we can have fun with each other and learn new and exiting things.


Through sharing what I love with the world, I have the opportunity to make an impact and inspire others. The cost is freedom to express myself in song! The impact of the light that has been poured into me though music, love, and people, reminds me to give, act, and walk out my faith daily; with love understanding that these simple random acts could have huge lasting effects in connecting us to each other. Building bridges is an important part of reaching the world around us. Through this process we can build strong relationships and have the power to effect others in ways we never imagined. I build bridges everyday through my actions and my words and being involved in my community. Building bridges to me is a treasure and a lifelong journey.


I sing to build bridges to the healing power I know music can give. I strive to use music as a vehicle to promote change. I admire the artist, Nina Simone, who channeled her anger into passionate and powerful music that continues to inspire and heal others today. My intention is to provide messages of peace, love, and honesty through the music I share, in spite of whatever may be. I most value music that is genuine and pure. If my music builds bridges to the healing power, it will never fail to touch people in a way that is needed.



We are WINEHOUSE the band and we are so excited to be a part of a program that supports making connections through music. We have seen the power music has to bring people together first hand. Our band has become a second family for each of us and every time we play it is an opportunity to come together with our family, friends, and community to truly connect and understand each other through music. We hope to continue to share the power of music for the rest of our lives.



Sound and music project our hearts to an unexplainable dimension. iBuildBridges is a powerful vehicle that connects ideas and links voices. It is a product of collective harmony that lifts our souls and takes us to a better place in this world.


Our Concerts

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Bridge Builders

Live musical concert events to act as catalysts to bring people of different cultures, backgrounds and thought together.

Our Concerts

Celebrate the value and the richness of people of diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Bridge Events

Living day to day in an increasingly diverse world offers rich opportunities to discover new things about ourselves and others.

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Partner with like-minded organizations to provide opportunities for individuals to work for the common good.

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